The best music streaming sites

You are an inveterate music lover and you are looking for the most excellent music streaming services. In this article you will find a selection of the three best streaming sites you can find on the net.


Spotify is nicknamed "the giant of music streaming" today because it has managed to achieve its true independence. It provides you with social connections when your Facebook and spotify accounts are connected. The best possibility you have with this site is the functionality that consists of changing the output device whenever you want. Likewise, you can decide to switch from the smart speaker in your office to the audio system in your living room. The advantage is that you won't miss any part of your favorite songs when you are busy.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the second most popular streaming site after Spotify. You'll probably love it if you're an iTunes fan. Its library contains songs that are exclusive to iTunes. It offers its service on many platforms, including smartphones and Samsung smart TVs. You can load a personal music collection into your music library. All you have to do is to use a signature function offered by the service.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon has also entered the category of the best music streaming sites. However, as expected, a significant number of its selections are available on the platforms. It is also possible to do voice control with some devices. However, it is important to note that this service is not suitable for you in case you have a personal music collection.

For several years, it has not been possible to load music into your collection with Amazon. The selection is reduced: you can get songs to stream or proceed to purchase directly on the site.

You have just discovered the best music streaming sites. It's up to you to pay for your subscription to vary your options.